Park Fee Dental Services


Dental Cleanings

Regular cleaning, scaling, and polishing are essential for the health and longevity of your teeth. Park Fee Dental can offer these services, both with or without sedation, to patients of all ages. Our focus in Asleep Dentistry can make regular cleanings available to those with gag reflexes, special needs or who have high anxiety around dental procedures. We service patients throughout Alberta and surrounding provinces.


Restoration & Dental Fillings

Cavities occur with tooth decay but are restored with silver or composite resin (tooth-coloured) filling material. Because of the drying and drilling involved in tooth restoration, this treatment can cause anxiety in some patients. At Park Fee Dental, we provide sedation or General Anesthesia for these types of procedures.


Root Canal Therapy

Infections within the tooth require more extensive work to restore, and Park Fee Dental is here to help. Though the procedure requires drilling through the top of the tooth and removing all infected tissue before filling and sealing, we can provide this service while the patient is asleep.


Extractions / Wisdom Teeth

Though we take great care to save natural teeth, disease, decay, injury and/or trauma may lead to a tooth needing to be removed. Teeth can be removed under sedation or General Anesthesia at our office.


Crown & Bridge

Restoring a single tooth due to injury or a root canal can be accomplished with crowns (caps over an existing tooth) or fixed/removable bridges (stronger across multiple teeth). Though these procedures are common, Park Fee Dental can also perform them while the patient is asleep.



In the unfortunate event when tooth loss occurs, one of the ways to restore this loss is through dental implants. Reach out today if you are interested in cost and treatment options.


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