Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be in pain after my procedure?

Depending on the procedure, there is always a possibility of some discomfort after dental treatment. A healthy diet and preventive care at home is vital to your dental health as well as your overall health. Proper post-operative care following surgical procedures in the mouth will hasten recovery and help prevent complications.

When can I eat after my procedure?

You are welcome to eat as soon as your freezing comes out, freezing could last a couple hours. Ensure you are not chewing your cheek or tongue because this may cause bruising, swelling or a cut in your mouth.

How much is my procedure going to cost?

We will discuss your upcoming dental procedure as well as the costs related to the procedure at your consultation. We will send your treatment plan to your insurance company to see what they will cover. When all the information is received, we will contact you to review the details.

What financing options are available?

We work with Dentalcard to provide financing for your dental wants needs and desires. Dentalcard offers a simple and affordable way to finance your procedure or service.

Can I be in the room with my partner/child while they are asleep?

Yes, you may be in the room while your partner/child goes to sleep as well as while they are in recovery. We ask that you wait in the waiting room for the duration of the dental treatment.

Who is in the room while I am asleep?

While you are asleep, we have a dental care team with you in the room at all times. Our team consists of a dentist and an assistant to provide you with dental care and an anesthesiologist to provide you with sedation for the duration of your treatment.

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