Full arch restoration involves replacing all of the teeth from either the upper arch, lower arch or both. The entire procedure can be completed in only one day, including removal of any existing teeth, implantation, and the fitting of your new non-removable teeth.


Permanent Teeth in a Day...


What a Difference a Day Can Make!


Single-Day Procedure

Leveraging dental anesthesia and using the Permanent Teeth in a Day technique, Park Fee Dental can install full upper and/or lower teeth in just one day. Discomfort is minimal, recovery time is short, and scheduling is easier versus multiple visits over the course of half a year.

The Look and Feel of Natural Teeth

The All on Four technique results in non-removable arches without extreme aspects of traditional implants such as bone grafting, giving your smile a natural look to others and a normal feel in the mouth. They also do not have issues such as sore spots or slipping as is common with dentures.

Do Not Compromise What You Eat

Just like implants, and unlike dentures, All-On-4 technique preserves much of your natural chewing and biting ability, ensuring you do not have to limit the foods you can eat and enjoy meals right away.

Proven Process To Restoring Your Smile

The TEETH-IN-A-DAY technique was developed by Dr. Paulo Malo specifically for full arch restoration and has been successfully employed across the world for almost 30 years. Park Fee Dental is a partner of Chrysalis Dental Centres.